ASEAN Cold Pharma Chain 2019

ASEAN Logistics and Warehouse 2019

9-11 October 2019


Why exhibit and your benefits

  • We have a strong database of over 20000 potential buyer in Cold /PharmaChain Logistics and Warehousein Thailand and CLMV who will be invited tomeet you.
  • Dubbed as “Kitchen of the world” there are plentiful demands for new technology/ products for Cold/ Clean room.
  • Many new “MEGA” infrastructure projects be it roads railways air and sea are in the pipeline in Thailand and ASEAN.
  • More new industrial estates and warehouses are emerging in ASEAN as a result of new foreign and domestic investments over the next decade.
  • Opportunities to launch/ showcase new products/ technology to existing and new customers. Strengthen your good relationship with existing distributors and establish new ones.

Exhibitor Profile

Cold Storage, System & Materials

-Refrigeration systems and plants
-Cold storage and freezer cells
-Insulated doors of cold storage
-PUF panels
-Lighting system & devices
-Contracting service for cold storage
-Intelligent temperature control
-Remote monitor and control
-Humidification & dehumidification technology
-Sealing materials
-Insulation materials

Warehousing Technology & Equipment

-Pre Engineering Building
-Material handling equipment
-Packaging and ordering picking equipment
-Series lifting equipment
-Pallets-bins and containers
-Racks and Shelves
-Cleaning Equipment
-Belt & Conveyor
-Hoist & Crane
-Loading technology
-Warehouse Management System
-Systems and software

Logistics, Transport Equipment & Technology (Non-Food)

-Food traceability system
-Packaging solution for food
-RFID reader
-Information system of cold chain
-Refrigerated trucks and vehicles
-Refrigerated containers
-Transport refrigeration plants
-Multi-clapboard refrigerated technology
-Chilling bags, ice bags, frozen packaging
-Vehicle refrigerator
-Accumulated cooling boxes
-Regenerator materials
-Logistics for food
-Freight forwarder

Freezing, Stored Equipment & Food Fresh Equipment

-Commercial cold-storage cabinets
-Quick frozen equipment
-Vacuum cooler
-Ice machine
-Refrigeration accessories
-Controlled atmosphere technology
-Fresh-keeping cabinets
-Food display cabinets
-Freshness Packets
-Preservative film
-Preservation reagents
-Food storage technology

Floor Plan

9-11 October 2019

Intensive Marketing

Comprehensive marketing tools, both on and offline, will be implemented throughout show period in Thailand and international markets to reach target buyers and our strong database they include:

  • Newspapers/ Magazines
  • Radio
  • Official Website/ Web links
  • E-letter invitations
  • Direct mails/ Invitations
  • Online Advertising and PR News
  • Telemarketing
  • Line
  • Linkedin
  • SMS
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Roadshow
  • Industrial Park visit
  • Pre show press conference/ Interviews

Book a Stand

* Standard shell scheme 3m x 3m (9sqm.) comprises:
Three sides wall in white laminate with dimension of 1.0m (W) x 2.50m (H) including aluminum structure. One Fascia name board at 30cm. Height with white pvc lettering at 10cm. Height.
One information counter with two folding chairs.
Two fluorescent lamps of 36 watts behind the fascia board. One socket of 5 Amp. 220 V. for electrical appliance but NOT light fittings.